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Welcome to my Website and to Playa del Carmen!

Hello to all of you; my name is Gabi, I was born 1968 in Wolfsburg, Germany and I decided after a few vacations in Playa del Carmen to move to this charming town at the shores of the Mexican Caribbean. In Germany, I was fortunate to get 2 educations: selling & counselling. I started as a salesperson for a local bookstore where I sold Music Records and CDs, Books and all kinds of magazines and newspapers. Later I was working as Social Worker, counselling drug addicts in my hometown.

After a few years of working with drug addicts, I was ready for a change. This was in 2001 and I arrived in Playa del Carmen without knowing any Spanish and my English was very basic. I started my new live in Playa del Carmen with different jobs (office manager in a dive center, receptionist in an all-inclusive hotel, and employee in a local travel agency etc.) and I was living in different areas: on a beautiful beach south of Playa del Carmen in a trailer, in the middle of the jungle close to Tulum in a typical Mexican Palapa, in a studio-apartment of a Hotel close to Puerto Aventuras, and in different Condos, Houses and Apartments in Playa del Carmen. 2001 Playa del Carmen was still a small town at the Caribbean Sea with a lot of undeveloped areas. Today things have changed for me and Playa del Carmen:

My office is in the center of Playa del Carmen, 7 minutes from the beach and famous 5th Avenue with all the different restaurants, cafes and shopping possibilities. I am exactly 3 minutes from Wallmart, where I find all my groceries, and 1 minute from DAC, a local vegetable market, where I can get all the fresh fruits and vegetables I got so used to.

I love my neighbourhood, because it is a great mixture between foreigners and Mexicans. One of my Mexican neighbors for example, sells every day delicious Tacos for 6 Peso each. For me a great alternative, if I don't have the time to make lunch or dinner. I am surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, with enough space for my 8 year old chocolate Labrador, my 2 cats and a garden table where I like to sit and enjoy a coffee or a cold beer. My English has improved, thanks to all my friends from the US, Canada and England and I am fluid in Spanish thanks to my Mexican friends. And, after working the first years in Playa del Carmen as an employee, I started my own business in February/March 2008 (being a silent partner in a business since 2005).

Also Playa del Carmen has changed from being a small village with lots of undeveloped areas (when I arrived half of the 5th Avenue didn’t exist) to a cosmopolitan charming town where people from all over the world live peaceful together. The Riviera Maya has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world, receiving millions of tourists from all over every year. The growth I have witnessed in the Riviera Maya, including Playa del Carmen and Tulum is just fascinating.

It took some time for me until I found the job I really enjoy, and what I was trained for in Germany: selling & counselling. I am an independent Real Estate Agent in Playa del Carmen who loves to assist you, to purchase your dream home, vacation home or investment in this beautiful area of Mexico. Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya are full of opportunities. Click here to see all my Real Estate Listings.

I also love to assist you, to find a Long Term Rental (6 month or longer), if you choose to stay for a certain time in Playa del Carmen. I have a lot of beautiful Long Term Rental Properties for you and your family in Playa del Carmen and surroundings. Click here to see all my Long Term Rental Listings. And after you moved into your property, I am still here for you, if you have questions or if you need any help. I also offer, especially for people who are not able to speak Spanish, additional services, like contracting a phone line, contracting TV service or contracting a maid or a handyman. Click here to see my list of services.

As an extra service I offer Vacation Rental options for all of you who would like to spend their vacation in beautiful Playa del Carmen. Check out all my Vacation Rental options here.

To offer a full service you will find on my Website lots of information about purchasing property in Mexico, a complete service directory for Playa del Carmen, recommendations for restaurants, excursions and fun things to do and much more.

Have fun & enjoy my Website

Best regards from sunny Playa del Carmen