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Playa del Carmen top tourist destination

Riviera Maya city No. 1 in Mexico and No. 15 in the world

Users of the travel website TripAdvisor have ranked Playa del Carmen as the top tourist destination in Mexico and 15th in the world.


The Riviera Maya city, described as “a hipper and more modern version of the fishing village it once was,” earned the rankings in the site’s 2018 Travelers’ Choice awards.

It was the only Mexican destination on the list of the top 25 in the world. At the top of the list was Paris, France, followed by London, England, and Rome, Italy.

TripAdvisor said Playa is one of the top diving destinations in the world, “thanks to vibrant sea life and dazzling underwater caverns.”

“Spend some quality time on the golf course or wave hello to the playful spider monkeys at The Jungle Place sanctuary. Explore the ancient ruins of the Coba Mayan Village, or get in some quality people-watching as you shop and stroll along 5th Avenue.”

The other top-10 Mexican destinations in the Travelers’ Choice awards were Cabo San Lucas, in second place, followed by Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum, Mexico City, Zihuatanejo, Cozumel, San Miguel de Allende and Nuevo Vallarta.

Earlier this year, TripAdvisor travelers chose another destination in the state of Quintana Roo for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Playa del Norte on Isla Mujeres was ranked No. 10 out of 25.

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Buy a house in Playa del Carmen.

Buy a house in Playa del Carmen & the Riviera Maya including Tulum are great places to retire not only because of beautiful white sandy beaches & the Caribbean Sea with sunny weather year around, also because of first class facilities, great infrastructure and affordability if you are on a budget.

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Know the main areas of Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Real Estate

Here is a small overview on the main areas of Playa del Carmen.

Center including downtown Playa del Carmen – East side of the highway from Playacar to the north end (around Calle 46)

This part of Playa del Carmen becomes more and more popular for vacationers & tourist that stay short term. Long Term Rental Prices have been on the raise for several years now. Owners get more return on their investment renting on a weekly base instead renting Long Term. A decent and furnished1 BR in the center of Playa del Carmen starts at 8,500 Pesos and can go up to 1500 USD or more, depending on size, amenities, age of the building, location within the center etc. A 2 BR can start as well as low as 12,000 Pesos, but can also go up to 3000 USD if you want to have an ocean view or elevator, gym and business center. Please take note, that there are hardly any houses in the center of Playa del Carmen. Most properties are 1 or 2 BR units, to find 3 or 4 BR properties is difficult.


Gated Gold Course Community of Playacar – south end of Playa del Carmen

Playacar is almost the size of the center of Playa del Carmen and is a semi gated community with all-inclusive hotels on the beach side, residential developments with houses and condominiums, a 18 whole golf course, a private school, and a newly build shopping mall. There is a public beach access for all its residents at the Reef Club Hotel.

Compared to the center, Playacar is very green with lots of trees and gardens and has a bike path where you can see people biking and running in the mornings or evenings. Playacar is a perfect area for families with children and pets, people who like it quiet and like the feeling of being in a suburban area. This is the only area where 2 or more BR houses are available, starting at 1500 USD up to 5000 USD or more. Condos start at 1000 USD and up. There is not public transportation available and taxis charge a higher fee, so most residents have a car.


Ejido – Westside of the highway

The Ejido has been growing in the early years of the development of Playa del Carmen without any regulations, that why you can find today a colorful mix of of antique Mexican Style houses, half-finished houses and newer buildings, local stores & fruit & vegetable markets, butchers, hardware & clothing stores, restaurants & small hotels & apartments. I love this neighborhood and own a small house with garden in Ejido Sur with fast access to a shopping mall and a 7 minute bike ride from the beach. Lots of expats are moving to this area, not only because rents in the center are getting more expensive, also to be more involved with the Mexican community.


Colossio – Calle 46 up to the northend of Playa del Carmen called Nicte Ha

Colossio used to be the neighborhood where you hardly would find expats or foreigners. This has changed today. More and more expats & foreigners are moving to this area, because of better rental prices and because you can find unique properties here. Since a couple of years developers have discovered Colossio and are building condos on the “New 5th Avenue” that was built from the Luxury Hotel, located at the far end of this neighborhood. Along the pedestrian walkway, new small restaurants & art shops are popping up.


If you have any questions about Playa del Carmen real estate, please write to us, we are happy to help.

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5 Tips to find the perfect Long Term Rental in Playa del Carmen

Not knowing the town and neighborhoods, nor the particulars of the culture, and probably not be able to speak enough Spanish makes it hard, confusing and time consuming for everyone looking to rent in Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya.

How can you find a rental property in Playa del Carmen? Where to look? Where are the best locations to live? Who can help you, to find a Long Term Rental in Playa del  Carmen?

We at Playa Rentals & Sales want to share our best tips we have gathered through the years of experience in Renting and Selling in the Playa del Carmen Real  & Riviera Maya Real Estate Market.

  1. Start looking online and browse through sites that advertise rentals. This will give you a good overview on what is out there, for what price and in which neighborhood. Take notes of what you like and have a look at our maps to get familiar with the different areas. Feel free to send us a screenshot or link on units you found and we are happy to check if they are real and existing, as many advertisements are permanent listings.
  2. The Long Term Rental Market in Playa del Carmen is hot and fast. Availabilities are changing almost on a daily base. What was available yesterday is rented within a few days. Most owners & their property manager do not want to hold a unit for a potential tenant. That is why we start searching 14 days before your arrival or rental date. That is enough time to find a list of available properties.
  3. Come to Playa del Carmen and stay in a hotel for 2 nights if you can and choose a Long Term Rental in Playa del Carmen when you are here. We do not recommend renting for 6 or 12-month sight unseen or from pictures if you are new to Playa del Carmen. It is also recommendable to use our expertise. We know many properties and we know the good and the bad about almost every building and neighborhood. We will search for suitable Long Term Rentals in Playa del Carmen for you before your arrival and will show you properties while you are staying in the hotel. 2 or 3 days with showings are enough and you will be able to make a good choice.
  4. Best times to look for a Long Term Rental Apartment in Playa del Carmen are February, May, June and September, although there is always availability year around. Worst times are December & January because of Christmas and New Year Vacations. Easter in March/April is also not a good date. Sometimes the Summer can be a little difficult as well.
  5. If you have the chance to be in Playa del Carmen before your move, get familiar with the areas you consider staying. Walk around, take notes of street names and take photos of advertisements. Don’t worry if you are not able to speak Spanish, or if you do not have time to call, we will take care of this, just send us your notes.


We hope this information gives you a little more clarity about this exciting step you are about to take. If you want to know other aspects to study, we invite you to read our Real Estate Guide Moving to Mexico.

If you have any questions about renting Long Term in Playa del Carmen, please write to us, we are happy to help.

The Fives Downtown. Curio by Hilton. Photography: Victor Elias Photography.

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Grocery Delivery

Great delivery service that I personally use to buy my dog and cat food from costco in Cancun. Well spend money that saves me the time and hassle to drive to Cancun just for those items. I also use the service in high season months, where the grocery shops are just packed with tourists. Recently I catch myself using the service more and more, it is sooo convenient.

Sign up by clicking here and order your groceries online in just a few seconds. Have your groceries delivered to your doorstep in Playa del Carmen on the same day, or schedule you grocery delivery for another time. Pay for your order online, in cash or with credit/debit card at delivery. It’s that simple! Get your Supermarket Delivery service in Playa del Carmen today and forget about long lines forever! loQsea.com Supermarket Delivery.

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Blog from 2 Expats

Great blog from a couple originally from the USA that moved to the Riviera Maya in 2016. Paul & Linda share not only their enthusiasm for Mexico, they also let you be part of their personal experiences as expats by giving useful inside information about the daily life. Check out their Spanish Lesson, which I think I think is awesome to share, there are more than 20 lessons!

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Ik Kil is a well known cenote outside Pisté in the Tinúm Municipality, YucatánMexico. It is located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula and is part of the Ik Kil Archeological Park near Chichen Itza. It is open to the public for swimming and is often included in bus tours.

The cenote is open to the sky with the water level about 26 metres (85 ft) below ground level. There is a carved stairway down to a swimming platform. The cenote is about 60 metres (200 ft) in diameter and about 40 metres (130 ft) deep.

There are vines which reach from the opening all the way down to the water along with small waterfalls. There are black catfish which swim in the cenote. Cenote Ik Kil is sacred to the Mayans and the Mayans used this cenote for both relaxation and ritual services.

The cenote is part of a larger complex of a restaurant, store, changing rooms, and cottages for rent. There is also a Mayan ruin on the site.

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